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IT Enablement Life Cycle Management

Investment in IT and its ongoing review is challenging for many organisations particularly in cross functional environments.

Rather than seeing IT procurement as a one-off exercise, Anakiwa firmly believe IT has a specific life cycle containing 4 distinct (but ultimately connected) components. This life cycle needs to be managed effectively in order to support world class performance.

With IT Enablement we provide extra resource bandwidth, or compliment existing capability with additional expertise and fresh ideas. In some instance we're engaged to audit an existing project. Anakiwa offer complete life cycle management or will engage in the individual components where required.

IT Enablement - Define Define - Consider Organisational Strategy; determine Requirements; Stakeholder Analysis; Communications Strategy; Risk Management; Benefits Analysis; secure Sponsorship; develop the Business Case; obtain Project Approval.

IT Enablement - Design Design - Homogenise requirements; Business Process Review; consider Existing and Dependant Systems; establish Project Team; formulate Project Schedule; produce RFI; vendor Search and Selection; produce ITT; Proof of Concept design and delivery; solution Evaluation; Shortlist; make Recommendations.

IT Enablement

IT Enablement - Deliver Deliver - Business as Usual strategy; System Implementation; Transition Management; Test; Train; Signoff.

IT Enablement - Realise & Review Realise & Review - Reconcile Benefits; review recent business changes; match capability and functionality.

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