Anakiwa Consulting - Providing Business Process Review and IT Solutions Implementation Business Process Review, IT Applications Sales Support, IT Solutions Procurement, Programme Management, Operations Excellence

Typical projects...

Fundamentally Anakiwa Consulting is about enabling change, Although not limited to; these are some of the assignments that we've been involved with.

  • IT Enablement
    Management of the complete or individual components of the Information Solution Life Cycle - Define; Design; Deliver and Review. This invariably involves consideration of a number of factors to ensure that Information Solutions are appropriate, and that the organisation is successful with its delivery and integration.

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  • Leveraging Customer Value
    Multi dimensional customer analysis of TVP (Total Value Proposition); Product, Service, Image, Price and Relationship. Quantified gap analysis and TVP development strategy. Formulated to increase individual and overall customer value.

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  • Process Critique
    Critical analysis of key organisation processes, their re-design and implementation. Essential to promote control, efficiency and profitability throughout the business.
  • Strategic Competencies
    Assessment of individuals and teams skills and knowledge levels. Producing a development program aligning skills and knowledge to business strategy. Necessary to ensure efficient use of skills, knowledge and experience, and to enhance profitability.
  • Change Project & Programme Management
    Project definition and control including: stakeholder analysis, benefits quantification, communications planning, risk and issue management, project planning and business case definition. Establishes improved control and efficiency and looks to maximise benefits.
  • Solution selling coaching & support
    Design and planning of IT application sales campaigns - matching solution design and capability to identified prospect business "pains". Essential to create differentiation and demonstrate value throughout the sales process